Robin Clements

Robin Clements is an international leader in the field of Conscious Breathing. He is a Vibrational Medicine Specialist, a surfer, ceremonialist and a father.

Many teachers in breath have held me in their wings over the past 25 years.

I offer deep gratitude to these generous souls:

  • Dr. Sunday Myers
  • Wendy Ruddell
  • Dr. Judith Kravitz
  • Sandra Ray
  • Shiva Rea
  • Rebecca Goff
  • Harold Dull
  • Wolf Martinez
  • The Ocean
  • My wife Eden, my children, and all of my students, family, and friends
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Message from Aho Mitakuye Oyasin:

What has most profoundly shaped me above all is the medicine of my own breath, the ocean, the waves, the fire, the sweat lodge, indigenous families and culture, traveling, teaching, surfing and each and every circle that gathers with shared intent. Dedicated as a Sr. Trainer for The Transformational Breath Foundation from 2003 – 2010 I learned what was wanting to come through me and how to present the material to others.

In the last several years each offering of breath ceremony and the Breathwave Facilitators Training Program has returned to the container of the circle where we are all equal and respectfully listening to one another. We continue to bridge science and spirituality, the mind and the heart, the body and our breath and in practice we establish fundamental union and connection through true present moment awareness and authentic enjoyment of life.

- Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Robin's Story:

His passion is facilitating collective breath ceremony and teaching teachers. He facilitates a space grounded in science, held from the heart with insight, ceremonial guidance, and humility. Today Robin carries 25 years of experience guiding BreathWork and offers a reminder of gentle sweetness with ourselves, so as to take the ‘work’ out of breathwork.

Senior Teacher Trainer of Conscious Connected Breathing, Founder of Breathwave, Founder of Baja Wellness, Doctor of Divinity, and certified yoga instructor. Robin has received initiations from lineages including, Transformational Breath, Re-birthing, Shiva Rea, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica, Huichol, Canadian First Nations, and several bodywork certifications.

Robin’s healing journey of bridging the east and west in the heart began in British Columbia, Canada in 1975. In gestation, he was diagnosed with a heart murmur and experienced a medical environment of fear and authority until thankfully the advancements of medical practices in open heart surgery saved his life at the age of 4.

At the age of 5, with his energy and stamina restored, Robin found the game of hockey and realized his place on the ice was in the net. As a fearless young goaltender, the love for the game of hockey gave him the outlet to come into his power in a crazy world of survival. With much family support and years of early mornings at the rink and on the pond in the winter, Robin eventually found himself traveling in his teens playing junior hockey at a regional level.

In 1995 Robin lost the interest of competition in a tough guy’s sport and decided to travel as far away as he could to learn how to surf. He chose New Zealand and Australia, where he was blessed with a profound encounter with dolphins in the wild and found true freedom, in the ocean.

In 1997, during a surf trip to Mexico, Robin found himself with a cracked rib after a good humbling by the power of “Mother Ocean”, which brought him to the home of Dr. Sunday Myers; a Chiropractor/Healer who put Robin back together again. Robin was fascinated by the work he received from Dr. Myers and lived and apprenticed with him for the next 3 years. He began studying Ashtanga Yoga and dove deep into the apprenticeship of an advanced form of deep tissue bodywork called ‘Postural Integration’ which combines deep tissue manipulation with breathwork, movement, and reflective body mapping.

Through this self-healing journey with a Master teacher, he began his fascination with the anatomy and intelligence of the human body and its relationship with the breath. Robin was discovering that the body holds our emotional history and noticing how the stresses of life can get locked deep into our muscles as chronic tension carrying an emotional charge, influencing not only how we walk, talk, move and breathe, but also how we think and feel. These embodied patterns, known as “Body Armor” can ‘program’ the body to react in certain ways which can create a downward spiral of symptoms and disease.

After 3 years of working as a holistic massage practitioner in the Los Cabos local community, Robin again became hungry to learn more. In 2001 he studied a practice called Alphabiotics, for which he received a Doctor of Divinity in 2004. Alphabiotics is an applied philosophy of quantum physics confirming that the space within us and around us is far from empty but rather filled with a living essence, that life is a connected network of intelligence and that our inner world affects the world around us.

He continued to enjoy life in Mexico to be with the ocean, cradled by Mother Nature’s arms; the water, the tremendous power, and the softness, the timeless rhythm of the waves as well the amazing people of Mexico. Unknowingly, this was guiding Robin towards his next step on the path of life.

Robin was invited to study with the dolphins and the founder and creator of Aqua Cranial Sacral Therapy, Rebecca Goff. Additionally, Robin studied with Harold Dull at Harbin Hotsprings in California, where he learned the art of Watsu. Both Watsu and Cranial Sacral Therapy were a huge shift for him as he began softening his outlook towards life and listening more deeply and patiently.

Robin noted that in water, (especially when your ears go under the water) you gain a greater awareness of the breath and breathing patterns. As he began listening to the breath, to the source, and to the story held within his nervous system he realized that everyone has a unique story… in the form of different stored patterns in the mind and body. This brought Robin back to focus on yoga.

Robin dove deeper into yoga and became a close friend and assistant of Shiva Rea. “I have to hand it to Shiva for stoking the fire in my practice! What she has done for a world of modern practitioners of yoga has given us the permission to break out of our rigid shell and light the fire of our creative potential with the fluidity and grace.”

In 2003 the “First Lady” of the raw foods movement, Wendy Ruddel brought a technique known as “Transformational Breathing” to Los Cabos, and from his first connected breathing session Robin knew this was his life’s path coming full circle. These breathing sessions once a week were beginning to open him up like an onion from the inside out, peeling away the deep layers of his trauma and experiences as a child with his heart problems. Now he was being continuously immersed with experiences of a shimmering unity with life.

In 2004, Judith Kravitz (the founder of Transformational Breathing) began offering full week seminars and teacher trainings in Los Cabos. From 2004 to 2009 Robin was blessed and honored to be guided by Judith. In 2007 Judith named Robin a Senior Trainer of the Transformational Breath Foundation and the breath has been his main focus since.

Since branching out to follow the hearts calling to be in circle and share a ceremonial format based on the elements of life, the Breathwave Facilitators Training program continues to evolve in a glorious way with each new participant of the Breathwave Tribe.

Robin has spent the last 25 years traveling throughout the winter months and has been blessed with teachings from many traditions and indigenous medicine families. He is now a Vibrational Medicine Specialist.

Sr.Teacher Trainer of Breathwave, founder of BreathWave and Baja Wellness, Doctor of Divinity and Master of Ministerial Science. Robin has received initiations from lineages including, Tibetan Dzogchen, Shiva Rea, Transformational Breath, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica, Huichol, First Nations and several bodywork certifications.

He also shares a gentle Temazcal (Mexica Sweat Lodge ceremony) through the blessing of his teachers and hereditary BC elders as a collective ceremony of prayer and connection with life.

Currently, Robin offers private coaching, Breath Ceremony, retreats and Teacher Trainings around the globe as a visionary guide and optimist of the great power within each and every one of us. Robin has recently returned to British Columbia as an answer to spirit’s call to establish roots with his family and improve the quality of Conscious Breath Training globally. With a new collective community project on Vancouver Island, Robin and his family are working to co-create a healing Sanctuary where they can host. This is a dream that has been alive in his heart for over 15 years that is now coming to fruition!

Robin’s passion is teaching teachers and holding ceremony. He also offers group breath workshops, private breathing sessions, as well as online one on one and group breath ceremonies. He simply enjoys sharing what he loves to contribute to the collective awakening at this special time in human evolution.

“This breathing has literally saved my life! For a large part of my life I was not sure I wanted to be here, in fact I nearly died four times before I was an adult. After I received open heart surgery to save my life at 4 years old, I was fearless and lived life into my teens with total reckless abandon. This unconscious urge to return to spirit is common today in many of us because of the high levels of demand on our complex system. For me, learning to breathe openly and freely has integrated this unconscious pattern and I have learned that the breath can integrate anything that limits how we live our life and therefore the breath gives us the freedom to authentically participate with a deep sense of purpose, joy and gratitude.”

Discovering Robin: From Surf Bum to Global Healer

When I first met Robin, he was successfully playing the part of a true “Canadian Surf Bum” while living in a blue van that was parked in our back yard. He was this “Nice quiet kid” who was always interested in learning and exploring life. It has been quite an experience watching Robin develop the techniques and skills to help other people achieve their own potential. It is no surprise to me that Robin has attained a loyal global following. Robin’s gift of compassion, empathy, and healing are surpassed only by his outstanding friendship. It’s been a fun ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Doctor Jim

San José del Cabo, 2006

"Life is like surfing in many ways. Sometimes we are effortlessly carried by a creative force that is much greater than we are. Often this force can give us a necessary humbling with sheer power and reminds us what a gift it is to breathe."

Yours in Breath,
Robin Clements


  • Thomas Rohner, for his generosity in the use of his outstanding photography and the Love Tuner.
  • John & Sally Clements, for putting up with everything and sticking around to see the changes.
  • Dr. H. Sunday Myers, for his friendship and far too many other things to list here!
  • Mathew Pszonak for his time and generosity and for his musical, recording and editing talents that created The first BreathWave Audio Guide and Doug Curtis and Alphabiotics LA for providing the space for the magic to happen. Fuzby for his magical flute. Shane Perkins and Seth Pasternack for the Didgeredoo, Genevieve Laquerre, Melanie Foust and all the conscious breathers present for the making of the first BreathWave guided audio session.
  • Lorin Roche for his teachings and translation of The Radiant Sutras and for his blessing to use the sutras in the audio recording.
  • Shiva Rea for stoking the fire, Judith Kravitz for opening my heart.
  • And to all who endeavor to explore the depths of their own true nature

"May joy and spontaneous creativity radiate through us all."

To all of the amazing people that continue to show up in circles around the world with a heart-centered willingness to cultivate clarity, integrity, and community here at this time of the Great Awakening!