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An Experiential Journey of Breath for the Deep Resourcing of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

About this event:

Breathing allows us to fully live. It is the most easily accessible resource we have for developing a thriving life, a nourished process of integration, and leveraging psychedelic experiences to their fullest potential. And it's free!

Just 15 – 20 minutes a day of allowing your breath to open and circulate freely cleanses and vitalizes the body with enough life force intelligence to neurologically and chemically reverse the physical effects of aging.

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Free Recorded Breathwave Journey

This short guided breath journey with music by Blair Francis is here for us to gently return home to balance by simply unifying in breath and out breath as one continuous, flowing wave of nourishment.

Deep thanks to Blair Francis and Elise Lantin for the musical gift in this offering.

Soul Leadship Podcast

Soul Leadership Podcast Interview

An interview with Breathwave Founder, Robin Clements, Kiara Windrider, and Krystal Hille

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Podcast Interview

An interview with Robin Clements and Ian Mackenzie