Robin Clements | 2024-05-08

Each emotional state of being has a specific breathing pattern that reflects a quality of relating with life. For example, the way we breathe when we’re angry is completely different than the way we breathe when we feel joyful or relaxed or sad. Our breath and our emotions are so closely linked that we can actually change the way we feel by changing the way we breathe.

Feelings of anxiety are mirrored in our breathing as clinging or contracting on the in-breath along with a holding pattern at the top and a quick but conctracted release on the exhale. Feelings of joy are reflected as a warm Openness and easy relaxation on the out-breath And generally all feelings of lethargy, lack of motivation and depression show a lingering in the pause at the end of the out-breath. These are just a few examples of how much we can learn from our breathing and how effectively we can influence our blood chemistry and emotional maturity.

Whenever we practice breath-balancing techniques, we’re not only restoring the capacity of our breathing, we’re also bringing our sensitive mood swings under control through awareness of the way we’re breathing.

Breath and emotion are inseparable. Energy in Motion; E-motion.

Some breathing techniques help us feel calm, grounded, safe and solid, others can quickly increase our feelings of strength and confidence; others lift our spirits and literally make us feel loving and open hearted.

The healthier our breathing patterns become from practicing basic breathing techniques, the healthier our emotions also become.

Survival mode has us holding back our emotions and therefore holding our breathing.

Conscious relating begins with a willingness to feel the emotions that we have had bottled up.

It not that it is not a thrill without a spill. It is that when you allow the spills you can more authentically enjoy the Thrills If not then eventually our anger will bring out the worst of you and I Our sadness and grief unfelt will create anxiety and instability until the emotions are felt.

Let's face it. Life isn't all sunshine and roses. Let's let our selves be human. Which includes getting better at feeling.