A Powerfully Gentle Approach to Conscious Connected Breathing

Explore healing paths, breath benefits, and guided practices to unlock your potential and achieve inner peace, health, and self-love.

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‘Breathwave’ is a gentle and effective self-healing practice focusing on our own breath, flowing as an open, relaxed and continuous wave. Conscious Breathing is Integrative Medicine.

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This full respiratory breathing technique serves to:

  • Enhance the flow of organized life intelligence throughout the body/mind
  • Practice daily rest and activation in order to regulate the nervous system
  • Slow down brain wave patterns
  • Clear subconscious information of the past from the mind/body
  • Cultivate a high vibrational frequency and cellular voltage
  • Maintain higher states of consciousness, vibrant health, mental clarity and coherence between the brain, the heart, and the vagus nerve
  • Connect with the one life-giving source of healing, the regenerative harmony of nature
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The Self Healing Path
Level 1
  • A five day retreat deep dive for personal healing.

  • This is a prerequisite to embark on the Facilitator's Path.

The Facilitator's Path
Level 2 (twice)
  • Learn the foundation for facilitating one-on-one Breathwave sessions.

The Ceremonial Path
Level 3
  • Deepen your practice, and develop skills and learning to hold Breathwave circles.


Breathing is our connection to the source of life.

Our breathing pattern directly affects our emotional, vibrational, neurological and chemical state of being. During this Time of Awakening and Transformation, we are being called to reconnect with our own power and return to balance. Each of us is a creation of divine proportion. We must care for the body daily now in order to maintain balance, to process old programs and to upgrade our DNA, our genetics, our chemistry, and our potential.

The Breath is a golden key that directly accesses the motherboard of our bio-computer. This practical experience of slowing down and nourishing ourselves in order to return to peace and replenish our capacity to thrive is readily available to each of us at all times; in fact, the breath may be the most important thing to learn and practice today.

Conscious Breathing contributes to a healthy, balanced world. Emotionally mature and healthy communities are held by villagers that commit to safety, integrity, self-accountability, and harmony through group ceremony and communication. This is the way all ancient cultures resolved conflict and held one another in times of grief, transition, or healing.

The Breathwave...

The Breathwave is a fundamental self-healing practice that utilizes an open, fluid and relaxed breath, to cultivate vital balance and higher states of consciousness. While this practice is easy to learn and more gentle than most breathwork teachings today, it also has the power to uncover and unleash the body's natural wisdom and activate our super powers. By clearing the subconscious mind of old programs and relaxing our Nervous System, this is a direct path to a healthy, balanced life.

Dedicating a short time to ourselves daily for circular breathing can very effectively slow us down, transform our health, clear our busy minds and allow our own heart's wisdom to be our guiding light.

Short Guided Breathing Practice

Some of the Benefits:

Physical, Mental - Emotional and Spiritual

Expands lung capacity

Improved lung capacity enhances oxygen intake, promoting better overall health and vitality.

Boosts the immune system

A strengthened immune system helps your body defend against illnesses and diseases, leading to a healthier life.

Upgrades hormonal function

Balanced hormones contribute to physical and emotional well-being, improving mood and overall health.

Cleanses the lymphatic system

Supports detoxification and waste removal, enhancing physical health.

Massages the internal organs

Facilitates better digestion, circulation, and organ health, promoting overall bodily function.

Forgiveness of self and others

Letting go of grudges and forgiving promotes mental and emotional healing, reducing stress and fostering better relationships.

Strengthens cardiovascular flow

Improved blood circulation reduces the risk of heart-related issues, enhancing cardiovascular health.

Balances blood pressure and purifies the blood

Promotes optimal blood health, reducing the risk of hypertension, and enhancing physical well-being.

Vagus tone parasympathetic nerve regulation

Regulates the autonomic nervous system for relaxation, reducing stress, and supporting mental and emotional health.

Deep insights about the nature of your reality

Provides valuable introspection and understanding, fostering spiritual and emotional growth.

Integrates old limiting emotional programs and trauma

Supports emotional healing and personal growth, benefiting mental and emotional well-being.

Self-love and appreciation of who you are and the blessings in your life

Fosters a positive self-image, emotional well-being, and overall contentment.

Upcoming Level 1 & 2 Trainings for 2024

Breathwave Level 1 Retreat: May 25 - May 31

Taught by Patrick Merle Sellin

Location: Molalla, Oregon

Reclaim Your Breath: July 26 - 28

More Info

Location: Whyte building, Edmonton, Alberta

Level 1: August 16 - 22
Level 2: August 23 - 29

Location: Neptune Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC

Level 3: September 9 - 15

Location: Neptune Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC

Tantra & Level 1 combination: October 12 - 18

Location: Ocean Resort, Campbell River, BC

Level 1: November 17 - 23
Level 2: November 23 - 29

Location: Ocean Resort, Campbell River, BC



Start where you are at, visualize what you are capable of, set your arrows high and surrender. Be gentle and patient with yourself and keep returning to your center. Gradually you will liberate yourself from old stories and you will find it easy to cultivate consistent, expanded states of awareness along with more energy and capacity to serve your gifts and live your dreams.


Initially, the Breathwave practice is about learning to slow down, connect, soften, and regulate your nervous system.

Once you have learned to correct your unconscious breathing pattern, you can learn to meet your unconscious programs with courage, acceptance, surrender, and forgiveness.

The more consistently we practice, the more presence and aliveness we enjoy throughout our daily lives.


Your potential to reorganize and harmonize the body and your affairs is limitless.

Our breathing is a direct reflection of our relationship with life. Breathing is generally limited and unconscious; in fact, the average person only accesses 20 - 30% of their breathing capacity.

Conscious awareness of our breathing is one of the hidden keys to self-healing, personal growth, balanced relationships, optimal health, and world peace.

And the love...

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